High Voltage Safety & Switch Gear Course – Operation Level



The course will provide training to officers the requisite education and training in the operation and management of high voltage electrical power plants (above 1000 volts) to meet the Knowledge, Understanding and Proficiency (KUP) requirements set out in the specific part of the STCW Section A-lll/2, Table A-lll/2and Section A-lll/3 at the Management level and Section A-lll/6, Table A-lll/6 at the operational level, as given in the STCW convention and code as amended in 2010.

This training is applicable to Marine Engineer Officers with Certificate of competency and Electro Technical Officers for the management Level course; junior Marine Engineers for Operational level course; working on ships powered by main propulsion machinery above 750 kW and having onboard, electrical installations of above 1000 volts.

The objective of the training is the safe operation and management of high voltage systems onboard and their associated switch gear. The trainee shall be able to understand the HV/LV power systems including statutory regulations, hazards associated with high voltage systems, be able to safely operate and maintain such systems. The trainee shall also be able to perform HV switching operations on a wide range power equipment, as well as carry out isolation, fault diagnosis and troubleshooting.

01 Days
INR 3,000
24 Candidates



1. Marine Engineer officer holding as a minimum:

    • A MEO Class IV (FG/NCV) Certificate of Competency and has completed a minimum of 12 month
      sea going service as a certificated Engineer officer of watch     OR
    • A MEO Class I/II (FG/ NCV) Certificate of Competency   OR
    • A Dredge Grade I/II Certificate of Competency

1. Electro- technical officers holding as a minimum,

    • A Certificate of Competency as “Electro-Technical Officer” issued by the Govt. of India; OR
    • A certificate of course completion, having successfully completed an approved ETO Pre- Sea
      Training Course and has completed approved seagoing service to be eligible for appearing for
      ETO Certificate of Competency examination; OR
    • A record of sea going service of not less than 12 months in the capacity of ETO/ Electrical officer/ trainee
      E/O to be eligible for appearing ETO Certification of Competency Examination.