Specialized Training For Chemical Tanker Course (CHEMCO)


Course Description

This course comprises an advanced training programme for Chemical Tanker Cargo Operations appropriate to the seafarer’s duties, including chemical tanker safety, fire safety measures, pollution prevention, operational practice and obligations under applicable law and regulations.

This course is meant for officers and ratings assigned basic duties and responsibilities related to cargo/cargo equipment on board oil and chemical tankers.

10 Days
INR 10,000
24 Candidates

Learning objectives

  • Get the knowledge of the chemical tanker designs and systems and identify the equipment, instrumentation and controls used for cargo handling on a chemical tanker.
  • Understand the physical and chemical properties of chemical cargoes, the associated hazards and their control measures during cargo operations.
  • Recognise the need of proper planning, the use of checklists and the time scales involved in the various cargo handling operations.
  • Undertake risk assessment and apply occupational health and safety procedures relevant to the various operations carried out on board a chemical tanker.
  • Apply proper and safe procedures to perform and monitor all cargo operations on board a chemical tanker, including loading, unloading and handling of cargo and its care in transit.
  • Monitor and control compliance with MARPOL and other relevant IMO Instruments and industry guidelines.
  • Promote safety and take precautions to prevent pollution of the environment
  • Respond and coordinate actions during emergencies, including the operation of emergency shutdown system.

Pre-Course Requirements


• Holds a minimum Certificate of proficiency as Rating in charge of a Navigational / Engineering watch.


Completed sea time required for appearing for a Certificate of Competency examination for Officers holding Certificate of Competency.


Holds a Certificate of Proficiency for Basic training for Chemical Tanker cargo Operations.

• Has at least three months of approved sea going service on chemical tankers within the last sixty months or at least one month of approved onboard training on Chemical tankers on a supernumerary capacity, which includes at least three loading and three unloading operations and is documented in an approved training record book as specified in section B-v/1 of the STCW Code.


Assessment and Certification


Officers who are qualified in accordance with Regulation V/1-1 of STCW 1978, as amended, that is they have experience appropriate to their duties on chemical tankers, and complete this training programme, shall be issued with an appropriate certificate.


E-Learning and Exit Examination


Please note that all exit exams are now conducted online the DGS website and can only be attempted once the candidates have complete the requisite e-learning hours on the DGS website.

Candidates are allowed a total of three attempts only. If you do not pass on the third attempt, that particular course has to be repeated after paying the full course fees again. 

Note: As per DGS instructions it is mandatory to attempt the exit exams from the institute.